Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just Another Hard Day at the Office.....

Just two SMALL canvases in my inbox today at the office....

Scared? Who me?

Nah....I got this (blink, blink, blink).....

"It's all good....I know it's red paint, I put down a drop cloth husband...""

Wow, ok, that was flippin' fun.....

Done! Just kidding....or am I?
($1 million to prospective art dealers, I call it "Red Dress")

Really, you didn't think I was going to do it to the second one??
This is the best part!

Man....now I gotta smooth it out and be all perfect and stuff....

The latest fashion, my hand painted shorts....move over Kardashians, I'm bringing sexy back!
I'm learning how to make videos, so soon you'll be able to see me dance-painting
(it's new, I made it up) around the canvases to some sweet tunes!

Wow, you could actually sell this and man it was fun!

Yesssssssss!....and the crowd goes WILD!!!!!

Um, you could seriously sell these as is, that cracks me up, but no...
I have to paint something else on them!!! Top secret for now!

A little more fun....let's call this "Paint the Town Red"
Can you see the buildings? LOL!

Stay tuned for....Another Day at the Office
Will Angela be able to keep red paint off the garage floor?
Will the canvases come to life with a faux finish?
What is she going to paint on them?
Tune in next time....
Same paint time, same paint chanel!
Happy Tuesday! Make it Count!

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