Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nuttin's Buggin' Me!

I wanted to share a crazy cute bug collection with you masterfully created by
my friend Chris Williams with Plaid Enterprises.

Chris is the Marketing Education Director for Plaid and man is she creative.
Sometimes it's hard to find projects for boys, so Chris did it for us!

The complete instructions are on the Plaid website, so I have created links, just click on the picture and you'll be well on your way to making these cute as a bug creations perfect for a boy or girl. You can follow the concept and switch up the colors to match your decor!


Chris does amazing things for Plaid's education program.

We love her! Keep those projects coming girlfriend!



Sunday, May 24, 2009

A New Season of Paint Paper & Crafts!

A new season of Paint Paper & Crafts began airing on Wednesdays, May 6, 4:30 - 5:00 p.m. EST on some PBS stations througout the country. The line-up of crafts is nothing short of great this year and Sloan Payne-Rutter does yet another year of great hosting.
I was so happy when Sloan asked me to be in two episodes and I thought I would give you a sneak peak at what will be on the show! Unfotunately, I don't think PPC is airing in the Houston area, but the good news is that I think the links to the shows will be put on the PPC website in the future. The past season is up right now, but hopefull the new one will follow shortly.

Angela Anderson & Sloan Payne-Rutter

Set of Paint Paper & Crafts with my Diva Duds


The first episode is #404 and is supposed to air on May 27, 2009

Here's the Description:
"Dazzled Diva Duds Angela Anderson uses fabric paint and crystal
applicator to change every day clothing into diva duds."

Denim Jackets Diva'd up!

Denim Bags jazzed up with Plaid's Fabric Paint, Beacon Adhesive's Fabri-Tac (fabulous way to glue fabric, especially if you don't sew),
Bagworks denim bags and Kandi Corp's beautiful adhesive crystals.


The second episode is #410 and is supposed to air on July 8, 2009.

Here's the Description:
"Angela Anderson creates a vintage hydrangea message
board with chalboard paint"

This is an oval canvas basecoated in Plaid's new Chalkboard Paint!
A great surface and is both beautiful and functional, can't beat that!

I really love how these vintage frames turned out. My grandparents are in the one to the left, my Mom center and her sister, Aunt Audrey is to the right. The frames were specially made by my friends at Cabin Crafters! The people at CC were amazing and I just love them!

This was just a lap desk I painted with Plaid's purple Chalkboard paint. I then applied a few of those little pre-made critters you can find ready to go at your local craft store (for pennies I might add) and you are good to go! I used acrylic paint to add a little movement in the water and trailing dots behind the dragon flies....very simple and so much fun for the kiddos!

Another canvas!! I painted the top portion with Plaid's pink Chalkboard Paint and the bottom with white acrylic paint and black zebra stripes. I then bought dimensional letters, painted them pink and covered them in glitter for just the right amount of tween bling! I then added some furry trim to separate the chalkboard area from! They have the best trims!
The wholesale company is known as Expo International.

Here is the NETA Episode Guide for the whole season of PPC.
If it is airing in your area, I would love to hear from you!
I have not even seen the episodes myself!
I just want to give a special thanks to all of these companies who
made these appearances on Paint Paper & Crafts possible for me:

These companies not only have great product, many of them have project ideas right on their websites. Please take a moment to visit each site and enjoy what they have to offer.

Thanks guys! Hugs!



Saturday, May 23, 2009

Plaid Launches New Trend Colors!

Plaid Launches New Trend Colors!

Plaid launched four new trend color collections this year: Charleston Charm, Urban Restoration, Royal Tapestry, and Coastal Mist. I was honored to be chosen to create the projects for these new palettes that were featured in the Plaid booth at CHA (Craft & Hobby Association) this past January.

I put together instructions for a few of the projects and Plaid has done a great job of making them available to you on their website. When you click on the links for each collection, you will then see individual projects and instructions you can click on.

For the projects that weren't featured on the website, I will try to provide some additional pictures in upcoming blogs so you can see everything!

It was a lot of fun doing these "crafty" projects (getting away from the decorative painting a bit for a change) and I really enjoyed it!

One of the things I did when I got the assignment was head to Hobby Lobby. They were having a 50% off sale on their home decor items and I snatched things up that I thought would be conducive to color altering. It was so easy to take something that was really inexpensive, change the colors and make it match Plaid's palettes. I'm telling you this because with very little effort, you can alter something you may love or find on sale that doesn't quite match your home! Just add some paint and presto! You have something that is perfect for your decor!

I hope you can find some inspiration! It all had to be done in about 4 weeks from the shopping to the shipping, so I have to give a shout out to my peeps, Mom Dorothy and sister Joan, because I couldn't have done it without them! Thanks guys!

I have also posted some pics on my friend page on Facebook. I'm not sure if you are on Facebook, but if not, it is a great source for staying in touch with the crafting world and today's trends. My fan page on Facebook is here and I try to post frequently there as well. The friend page just has everything, but the fan page is devoted to crafty stuff!

Well, I guess that's it for now, love you guys! Email me if you have any questions!



Sunday, May 17, 2009

Where Women Create

Where Women Create

So I am doing a total re-do on my studio this year. I've begun to pull everything out (sigh). I really don't even know where to begin. I've been getting some great ideas from friends our yahoo group, but still haven't put it all together.

See, it's just that I, like most of you, dabble in everything and do so much more than paint. You just have to have a little bit of this and that at your disposal to suit all of your creative whims, right? I love to embellish and my embellishments have taken over my studio, so it's time to get it together! I want to be inspired when I walk in my studio, not be sick...LOL!

I found a couple of books and a website devoted to creative spaces for women. Jo Packham has authored a couple of amazing books on the subject and then teamed up with the people at Stampington / Somerset Studio (OMG, love everything they publish) to devote a magazine to the subject. The website for the magazine can be found here.

I thought I would share the research because I know we are always looking for creative ways to store our things. It's almost an art in and of itself, isn't it? So, I will post pics during my journey to organization! I know, I know, it will be a long one, but well worth it. I over-think everything! I am equally right/left brained, so constant inner battle. A late spring cleaning that will last through next spring if you will. = ) I'm doing some remodeling too, so it will not go quickly I'm sure. We will share the journey!

Finally, I wanted to show you a great find. Michaels had their JetMax storage items on sale week before last for 50% off. Here's the link. I purchased several of these items. These storage solutions seem viable for any type of craft. There are many different items to choose from that all go together and at 50% off (which I'm sure they will do again), you can't beat it! I'll post pics when I get everything up!

So you know, every time you give someone something you make or share your creativity with someone, you share a bit of yourself and bring joy into their lives. I'm thinking a well-organized studio ("studio" sounds so much more official than "craft room," don't you, would bring a fresh start and new inspiration to your creativity that will allow you to bring that joy into someone's life. It's a cycle and one that I am grateful to God to be a part of!

Love you guys, XOXOXOXO
(Hey, I'm getting the hang of this whole blogging thing, don't cha think)!


p.s. We would love to hear your thoughts about the blog and your craft room ideas...please feel free to leave your comments, they are always welcome! Hugs!


Friday, May 8, 2009

Miss Allison's Room

Miss Allison's Room

Awww, isn't Allison so cute! We painted her room today and as you can see, she is one happy customer!

Allison's Mommy had already done a great job of decorating Allison's room, but she wanted to bring a little of the outdoors in to bring it all together. With a few whimsical out-doorsy elements here and there, Allison's room became quite enchanting.

"Dreams really do come true..." are the words above the window and add just the right amount of charm. The letters were done in a cutsie style with vines, rosebuds and butterflies!

A treen in the corner is the focal point. Vines with leaves scroll up and around the tree with little tiny blossoms to make it girly!!

Allison's dresser was just plain white, so why not spruce it up?? We added adorable little rosebuds in yellow and pink. Pink is Allison's favorite color, but Mommy didn't want to over-do the pink (it's my favorite color too Allison). So, we kept things green mostly because even the slightest amount of pink will take over a room fast!

We added a patch of grass and flowers at the base of the tree and to the left of Allison's cute table. Can you see Allison's caddy of creativity? Way to go Mom! I think you may have a future artist on your hands!

Last but not least, Allison's Mommy found these beautiful butterflies and cute little fairy at a boutique in Fredericksburg, Texas. She wanted to add scrolls around the butterflies, so we did just that!

I've added a few more pics so you can get all the details!

As you can see, we had a great day painting this room....

....and Allison, I totally agree,


Hope you love your room! Big Hugs!!


Friday, May 1, 2009

An Enchanted Evening.......

Let's Celebrate!!
I am very excited to have met one of my deadlines today!! I shipped these projects off to Plaid this afternoon to be featured as upcoming wedding projects on their website. I am assuming they are after the whole "June wedding" thing. I don't know if you guys have seen or tried Plaid's new Extreme Glitter, but I LOVE IT! I mean, we all know I'm a glitter girl and everything, but to have all the fine beautiful glitter in the paint and no glitter dust everywhere....I'm just sayin'!!

This is a picture of the whole collection above and then I've broken them down in group pictures below.

Small clay pots basecoated with FolkArt Acrlyic colors with an application of Extreme Glitter to finish them off with the perfect amount of sparkle!!

OMG!!! I found these cute ornate frames for $1.00 at Michaels....HURRY!!!!
You can apply FolkArt acrylic paint if needed and top off with...yep...EXTREME GLITTER!

This just started out as one of those plain white guest books, added Extreme Glitter to a scrapbooking page, covered the book, added some embellishments and BAM! That's what I'm talkin' about! Easy!!

This is the inside cover of the guest book. Notice the litte Faux Show charm on the little ribbon for a place keeper. I also added tabs on the side to record guests at the wedding, shower, and reception. Plaid's new jewelry line, Faux Show, is so haute, it has made a jewelry maker out of me!

Here I started out with just plane black, white and magenta gift bags. A few rub-on applications, some paper-crafting techniques, a few rose petals and poof!!!...instant gift-tage for the whole wedding party.

Last, but not least, simple rub-on's were applied to plane white favor boxes followed by a coat of Extreme Glitter. A few embellishments and you're good to go!

So, how's that for an enchanted evening? With our economy, these are all very inexpensive ways to make your wedding event special. None of these projects are difficult, so dive right in.

Oh, and BTW, I love Nashville Wraps! I get my sparkly tissue paper and other fun packaging and gift wrapping items from them. You do have to order in bulk, but it's great for like ornament boxes and things you need to stock up on!

Midwest Design Imports have my favorite feathers. This is a wholesale site, but you can see what products they offer and look for them in your local craft store.

Ok, so I'm really excited about the fact that I have posted two blogs this week. I redesigned our Yahoo Group page and I've been posting there more often as well. Please join the group if you haven't already! Now, back to work!! I'm very focused (don't laugh)!

Hugs and Happy Weekend!


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