Friday, May 8, 2009

Miss Allison's Room

Miss Allison's Room

Awww, isn't Allison so cute! We painted her room today and as you can see, she is one happy customer!

Allison's Mommy had already done a great job of decorating Allison's room, but she wanted to bring a little of the outdoors in to bring it all together. With a few whimsical out-doorsy elements here and there, Allison's room became quite enchanting.

"Dreams really do come true..." are the words above the window and add just the right amount of charm. The letters were done in a cutsie style with vines, rosebuds and butterflies!

A treen in the corner is the focal point. Vines with leaves scroll up and around the tree with little tiny blossoms to make it girly!!

Allison's dresser was just plain white, so why not spruce it up?? We added adorable little rosebuds in yellow and pink. Pink is Allison's favorite color, but Mommy didn't want to over-do the pink (it's my favorite color too Allison). So, we kept things green mostly because even the slightest amount of pink will take over a room fast!

We added a patch of grass and flowers at the base of the tree and to the left of Allison's cute table. Can you see Allison's caddy of creativity? Way to go Mom! I think you may have a future artist on your hands!

Last but not least, Allison's Mommy found these beautiful butterflies and cute little fairy at a boutique in Fredericksburg, Texas. She wanted to add scrolls around the butterflies, so we did just that!

I've added a few more pics so you can get all the details!

As you can see, we had a great day painting this room....

....and Allison, I totally agree,


Hope you love your room! Big Hugs!!


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