Friday, May 1, 2009

An Enchanted Evening.......

Let's Celebrate!!
I am very excited to have met one of my deadlines today!! I shipped these projects off to Plaid this afternoon to be featured as upcoming wedding projects on their website. I am assuming they are after the whole "June wedding" thing. I don't know if you guys have seen or tried Plaid's new Extreme Glitter, but I LOVE IT! I mean, we all know I'm a glitter girl and everything, but to have all the fine beautiful glitter in the paint and no glitter dust everywhere....I'm just sayin'!!

This is a picture of the whole collection above and then I've broken them down in group pictures below.

Small clay pots basecoated with FolkArt Acrlyic colors with an application of Extreme Glitter to finish them off with the perfect amount of sparkle!!

OMG!!! I found these cute ornate frames for $1.00 at Michaels....HURRY!!!!
You can apply FolkArt acrylic paint if needed and top off with...yep...EXTREME GLITTER!

This just started out as one of those plain white guest books, added Extreme Glitter to a scrapbooking page, covered the book, added some embellishments and BAM! That's what I'm talkin' about! Easy!!

This is the inside cover of the guest book. Notice the litte Faux Show charm on the little ribbon for a place keeper. I also added tabs on the side to record guests at the wedding, shower, and reception. Plaid's new jewelry line, Faux Show, is so haute, it has made a jewelry maker out of me!

Here I started out with just plane black, white and magenta gift bags. A few rub-on applications, some paper-crafting techniques, a few rose petals and poof!!!...instant gift-tage for the whole wedding party.

Last, but not least, simple rub-on's were applied to plane white favor boxes followed by a coat of Extreme Glitter. A few embellishments and you're good to go!

So, how's that for an enchanted evening? With our economy, these are all very inexpensive ways to make your wedding event special. None of these projects are difficult, so dive right in.

Oh, and BTW, I love Nashville Wraps! I get my sparkly tissue paper and other fun packaging and gift wrapping items from them. You do have to order in bulk, but it's great for like ornament boxes and things you need to stock up on!

Midwest Design Imports have my favorite feathers. This is a wholesale site, but you can see what products they offer and look for them in your local craft store.

Ok, so I'm really excited about the fact that I have posted two blogs this week. I redesigned our Yahoo Group page and I've been posting there more often as well. Please join the group if you haven't already! Now, back to work!! I'm very focused (don't laugh)!

Hugs and Happy Weekend!




  1. Angela the wedding designs look it

  2. Hi Angela,
    Gorgeous! I so want to renew my vows and have colors like this - I had peach and navy - can you tell I got married in 1990 ~ big hair and
    Anyway, have a great week and I look forward to following your blog and hope you won't mind me adding it to my favs!!

  3. Hi Angela,

    What gorgeous creations! Love the drama of the black and white combined with that stunning fuschia pink. That's the theme we have planned for my daughters 16th birthday this year. I might just have to 'case' some ideas from you! :-)
    Oh - and YAY to you on your blogging! Keep up the good work! hehe


  4. Angela, Congrats on your wonderful designs hon!

    I love all your new items and your Victorian HD is amazing.

    Love Ya.


  5. Hi Angela,

    Wow these are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I have these frames from Michael's too. May I ask how you were able to paint the front and backs given the fact that the stands are hot glued to the cardboard backs and directly onto the frames? I'm having a devil of a time trying to paint these without fully destroying the backs of them. I look forward to your reply. Thanks!!! ~Sandra~ labrumwedding @ yahoo . com


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