Thursday, August 6, 2009

Craft Room Makeover! Progress!

Many of you have asked me to post pics as my during my craft room renovation. We have decided officially that after the renovation, the room will be referred to as a studio rather than a craft room (he-he).

I'm posting pics of some things we have done so far (ribbon wall in walk-in attic above) and of the room being cleared out so that whatever "lucky" contractor we hire will be able to walk in there (yes I admit at times there was only a small path from the doorway to the table) and do what they need to do. As we remove everything, we are organizing it in boxes so that I can still work and meet my deadlines during the transition. I have also either thrown away or donated over 20 large bags of "art supplies" to put it nicely!

Our studio makeover days usually begin with Munch and Trixie waiting for cousin Kristin (my niece) to arrive! She brings kolachees and donuts so it's extra fun! They are looking down below at the kitchen door from the loft!

Here's Princess Kristin packing up!!

I am so blessed. My husband and I have only been in this house 7 years. When we designed it, there were no studio plans upstairs. From the time we designed the house until we built it, that is how fast my business grew. I knew I would need an area for this. So, we converted what was to be a walk-in attic into a studio for me - WITH A SINK!!!!! How much does that rock! I'm telling you this so you understand when you look at the room why the ceiling lines are so strange! God is good and I'm so fortunate to do what I love in my own home for part of my living. I still work outside of the home too part of the week, but everyday I'm just a little closer to my dream of doing my artwork full-time!

Once we pack things up, they either go on shelves in other rooms, like the bathroom below, or in my make-shift studio (husband's mancave - yes, he said I could). The mancave is where I am working until all of this is done.

Converted mancave pictured above complete with feathers on floor. I'm trying to be very careful since I'm invading territory so I put down a drop cloth!

This next few pics show my walk in attic area that leads to the hot-water heather. The door to this room is in my studio, so why not make great use of it!! I'm putting things in here that do not need to be climate controlled. On the right wall, I have surfaces to paint on and on the left is the Wall O'Ribbon, which has already proven to be VERY handy!

That's about it for now! Kristin and I will work on this tomorrow evening together and on Saturday, we meet with the first contractor...wish us luck!! If you have any ideas for us, we would love to hear them! Send them to!

Hugs and have a wonderful day!



  1. My studio is wall to wall peg board (12' x 18') - so versatile as shelves can be altered due to amount of stash of goodies I have to hanging supplies. Being able to see my supplies at a glance is super not to mention convenient. I have a section for my library, a section where I have my new OneStroke brushes organized, room to hang clothing & ironing board, section for ribbons(like yours),scissors, wirecutters - stuff I use constantly is hanging over my painting desk to save room in my desk drawers. And of course a sink! So glad you will have one too - no more long trips to the kitchen (yeah!) Hubby also put shelves above door ways - we've tried to utilize every inch. Lighting...can't forget that! Flouresent lighting is my choice for the ceiling with additional OTT lamp on my desk (yep, you guessed it - I'm blind!) It wouldn't hurt to put in more than one telephone jack as us women tend to move our stuff around to accomodate our needs at the time. Electrical outlets - we can never have too many. Another suggestion if space is limited, use a door fold down ironing board. My studio was always my sanctuary, unfortunately it is 100 miles from where we live now; but at least I'm able to use our extra small bedroom here - yep wall to wall pegboard,sink, flouresent lighting, etc. but dang I'm so crowded, feels more like a closet. Not having a pity party here, (well perphaps a - just miss my real "studio"! Can't wait to see your finished studio - good luck with it all.
    Tina Myers, OSCI (San Antonio, TX)

  2. Thanks Tina! All great ideas, Wish you would send some pics and I'll post them to the blog! Hugs!

  3. I'll have to send you some pictures of ours. We built a studio in our backyard complete with a front porch and swing. It's the first time I've ever had a place to spread out and work with all the storage space I need (well maybe not) I need to learn to say no to supply stores!
    We built it in two rooms - one for art & crafts and a wood working room for Bill. It flooded last month due to too much water pressure and a hose broke in the middle of the night. This week the restoration people are moving us back in -it's all back to new again. I can't wait, I'm going to try my hand at metal effects for my collages.


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