Monday, June 1, 2009

Country Roses Denim Jacket

Hey there! Well, I have been back at it, creating more "Diva Duds,"
just can't stay away from the fabric painting for too long!

My good friend Patti at Martin/F. Weber asked me to create a fabric painting kit for SDP this year for their Painting: Passport to Fun! painting convention this year in Peoria. You can find out more about thte convention at their website. This is my first time to go to this convention,
so if you're there, please come visit me in the Weber booth!

So, what I used Weber's Prima Acrylic Colors and their Fabric Medium to paint on this denim jacket. I am almost done with the instructions and they will be step-by-step photo instructions - always helpful to artsy types, right!

I found this jacket at a great price and pulled off the buttons. I then purchased this cute fabric and replaced the buttons with buttons I had covered! I don't know if you've ever used button covers, but if you can cut out a piece of fabric, that's all you need to know -
very simple way to take your Diva Duds to the next level!

I know this design looks advanced, but my photo instructions make it easy to follow. I will launch the pattern at the show in SDP, but will then make it available as an e-packet on line.

Ok, so then you're saying what are those little trinkets all over the jacket. Well....with my same cute fabric and these wonderful Yo-yo Makers by Clover, I was in business! I knew with the help of my Mom, she is a sewing genious and all-around wonderful helper, I could add a fun quilter's look to the jacket! Clover ROCKS!

I love their collection of tools for embellishing fabrics.

I was very excited to find these fun tools at my local Jo-Anns,
but you can buy them online at the Clover website.

Mom then sewed the eyelet around the collar, pockets and sleeves, but you know what? You don't even have to sew because the rest of the embellishments were put on with Fabri-Tac, my absolute FAVORITE glue for painting on fabric! I could have glued the eyelet on too and would have had to if it wasn't for Mom - thanks Mom!!

In these pictures, you can see some cute buttons I hand-sewed to the Yo-yos. I found some of these buttons at Jo-Ann, a Vintage collection by Blumenthal Lansing Co.

I also took some scrapbooking fabric covered embellishments called Sticthed Brads by K and Company - they had several kinds. I just used my clippers to clip the brads off and my Fabri-Tac to glue them to the Yo-yos and some directly to the jacket.

I hope you like it, would love to hear some feedback. I have designed several jackets this year, but have not yet put together the instructions. I need to make some e-packets! I guess I think I'm busy or something (wink-wink)!!

May God bless you and your brushes! Hugs,




  1. That is awesome, I love the yoyos mixed in.

  2. Come to my blog for your lovely blog award!


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