Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bev Davis Makes Great Use of a Project Idea!!

Back in May, I posted a link on the Angela Anderson Designs Facebook Fan Page to a fun project using clipboards. This link was to Jo Pearson of Where Creativity Happens (Michaels) and showed a video of her making this fun little clipboard project. This is the project that inspired a good friend of mine, Bev Davis, to make her own!

This is Jo's Project which I have provided the link for!!

So Bev was so inspired, that she created these fun clipboards that have her own twist! They are adorable. We love them!!!

I love dogs and this one is first because it's my favorite! Great job Bev!!

This one is especially meaningful and truly a great idea, way to go Bev!
The strength of women always amazes me, great project!

Look at this! Makes you want to dive right in! Wouldn't this be cute for a lifeguard!!

Then, that sweet Bev! She got to painting a shirt that was inspried by a few of my designs, but again, has her own flair and beautiful twist on it!

Aren't these roses gorgeous!! Great job Bev!

You can email Bev at

She's a great teacher in Florida and an awesome online gallery here:

She has her own blog here:
where she has some great paintings and ideas!

I hope you enjoyed meeting our featured painter and crafter, Bev Davis

Be sure to click on the Facebook Fan Page link and become a fan so you too can find some great ideas! I would love to show your pics in an upcoming blog!

And don't forget to check out Jo Pearson, Where Creativity Happens! That girl is always up to something crafty and fun! There are full videos you can watch with project sheets, try them yourself or throw a craft party and create with your friends!

Hugs and God Bless You and Your Brushes...and thanks to Bev for this fun blog!




  1. Bev ROCKS!! I LOVE those clipboards!Toooo cute! I need one! Thanks for the creative jump start!


  2. I agree with Kathy! Bev ROCKS! Those are too cute!



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