Monday, June 8, 2009

What It's All About...

This post isn't about my artwork or that of anyone else in the industry (yet), no website or product to review, but just a story to share from the heart.....
The other day my niece came over and she helped me organize my craft supplies in my studio. It's a huge task...I'm pulling everything out so I can redo the studio this year. It was one of those days where her sisters were doing other things and her Mom thought she might want to do something to pass the time, so she came over!

Anyway, I thought cleaning and organizing craft supplies would be something "fun" (ha-ha) we could do together. Surprisingly, it actually did turn out to be quite fun and Audrey was a wonderful help. I thought surely she would rather be doing something else, but she hung in there as we put stamps and thread and buttons away, organizing as we went.

I promised as we came across things that I didn't need any longer that she could have them. We started with a small box and it was quickly filled. We then switched to a larger box and filled it. We finally ended up with this larger box and a bag of goodies for Audrey and we made a lot of progress working together. I kind of explained to her what I was giving her, but told her she could use these things any way she wanted. Audrey is very creative, I knew she'd come up with several ideas from these supplies.

To my surprise and amazement, I received this thank you letter (hope you can read it) and this beautiful work of art from Audrey within just a few days of our time spent together. Audrey is only 10 years old. I was so touched by her detailed thank you note, what a sweetheart!

I wanted to share this for the obvious reasons, but the not-so-obvious reasons too. Sometimes we get soooo busy and forget that just a couple of hours together with a child can mean so much to them. Although she said thank you when she left, I really had no idea until I got these wonderful things just how thankful she was. Audrey will obviously enjoy her art supplies for many months and I have a great suspicion that unlike her Aunt, she won't be giving any extras away.

Thanks Audrey, it seems I should have been the one to send the thank you card! This is truly what it is all about! You make a difference whether you know it or not!

Love, Aunt AJ


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  1. Don't you love to look at art through the unjaded eyes of a child? The little girls in my neighborhood show up in my yard quite often and they love to come into the studio to see what my husband and I are up to. They ask a million questions and I pray daily for the patience to answer each and every one with love and fun!


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